Mum left in hysterics at daughter’s ‘diva’ reaction to Elf on the Shelf prank

Iyla Crawford, seven, was enraged when mum Leanne King revealed her naughty elf had scribbled on her with eyeliner while she slept, and made her feelings clear when she awoke

Come December 1, thousands of all-knowing elves are deployed across the country to keep tabs on children’s behaviour.

The trend started in America but quickly became popular over here – with kids and parents obsessed by the quirky character.

Previously, parents actions have left people divided – with one mum accused of going ‘too far’ with an outrageous prank.

One schoolgirl’s reaction to her Elf left people in hysterics – after she discovered the doll had drawn glasses and freckles on her face.

Fuming Iyla Crawford, seven, wasn’t impressed after discovering that the elf had scribbled on her with eyeliner as she slept last Tuesday morning.

Footage shot by her giggling mum Leanne captures Iyla sternly telling her: “Nah, I’m not laughing,” as she sits slouched with eyebrows, freckles and ‘hi’ written on her forehead.

She then frustratedly asks “Nah, has he drawn on my face?’ as she gazes over in disbelief at the toy elf sitting on her bedside table.

The hilarious video has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook, racking up more than 1.3million views since Leanne posted it later that morning.

Leanne said Iyla usually finds any Elf on the Shelf prank funny, but this was angered because ‘”he always has to look immaculate for school”.

But her daughter has since forgiven the elf after scrubbing off the make-up off to avoid any classroom embarrassment.

Leanne, from Failsworth, Oldham, Greater Manchester, said: “Iyla’s over-dramatic and quite old-headed and it really showed in the video. I’m glad I caught it on camera. It totally shows her diva side.

“Elf on the Shelf is a big thing for her and she’s grown up with it. She thinks anything he does is hilarious, but she was angry about this. She wasn’t happy at all.

“I’d forgotten to do it before I went to bed, so when I woke up I saw the eyeliner on my dressing table and just thought I’d do this. She’s got a really funny sense of humour, so I knew she’d react.

“I don’t know why I thought about doing the glasses and ‘hi’, I just did it quickly. It only took around a minute.

“She’s very into her image, so when she woke up she was worried about going into school with anything on her face. She has to be immaculate.

“People said I shouldn’t have told her and let her go into school, but she’s in the mirror about 30 times so I wouldn’t have gotten away with that one.

“I didn’t even feel guilty, to be honest. I just thought it was funny. She got over it once she’d wiped it off and saw the funny side but she was worried she wouldn’t get it off for school.

“The day after she asked why the elf hadn’t been that naughty, but I told her it’s because he was really bad yesterday. She’s forgiven him now.”

Leanne was nearly caught in the act when Iyla started stirring as she was scribbling on her face at around 7.45am, but luckily she completed the deed before turning the light on to wake her.

Before struggling to scrub the eyeliner off with baby wipe, Iyla couldn’t resist posing for a selfie with the elf, showing her looking angrily down the lens.

Leanne claims parents and kids have stopped them on the school run to tell them how funny they’ve found the video, and Iyla’s even quizzed her mum if she’ll appear on TV.

The hairdresser’s post, simply captioned “the most Manc reaction” because of Iyla’s accent, left people in hysterics.

One man commented: “This is hilarious and adorable at the same time.”

Another agreed: “That’s the cutest reaction ever!”

A third joked: “How can she sound seven and 47 at the same time?”

Leanne, who lives with Iyla and 15-year-old son Calum Ellis, says she’ll repeat the prank next year to see if her daughter reacts in the same way.