Mischievous moggy leaves everyone baffled after hiding in family Christmas tree

People have been left completely baffled trying to spot this festive feline who went missing in her family’s Christmas tree – but can you spot her?

The family of a festive feline were left baffled after their short-haired cat went missing in their home, only to be found asleep on their Christmas tree.

Christmas-loving cat Moon, who lives in Liverpool with her owner Sarah Nelson-McGuinness, is a huge fan of the festive period, and more specifically, Christmas trees.

In fact, the 15-month-old moggie loves Christmas trees so much, that she can’t help but climb them, before taking a little snooze after all the hard work.

Just last week Moon went missing in her home, only for Sarah to discover her fast asleep on the trees branches after the family’s other cats, Luna and Freddo, rumbled her hiding place.

“Moon loves to run and hide so the Christmas tree is the perfect kitty playground,” 42-year-old Sarah explained.

The baffled mum-of-two took the sleepy moggy down from the 8ft tree but soon found Moon had climbed back up again.

“I have no idea how long she had been in there. Our other two cats were sat looking up at the tree with a bewildered look on their faces,” Sarah recalled.

“I looked up to see what they were so fascinated by and spotted Moon curled up asleep. I took her out which she didn’t appreciate, she’s only small and it’s an 8ft tree so I was worried she may fall and get hurt.”

It’s not the first time Moon has been caught up in the festive decoration.

In fact, Sarah even switched her normal white Christmas tree for a traditional green one this year in a bid to spot the otherwise camouflaged cat.

She added: “We bought Moon just before Christmas 2020 so we had the same issue last year. Last year was more difficult as she was very tiny and our tree was white!

“I figured this year would be easier as she is bigger and the tree is green so she would be easier to spot, I was wrong. She is so good at hiding!

“Moon is constantly in the tree, she likes to be at the top so she can spy on us all but she makes sure she’s well hidden so I don’t spot her and lift her out or make her come down.

“It’s often the other two cats that give the game away and she gets rumbled so I now rely on them to ‘snitch’ as I can never find her when she’s in there.”

Sarah later shared a photo of her Christmas tree on Facebook, with Moon hidden among the branches, alongside the caption: “‘FEELINE’ FESTIVE.. Spot the cat.”

“Beautiful tree. And it took me a LONG time to find your cat,” one Facebook user commented, while another added: “Can someone put me out of my misery and tell me where the bloody cat is.”

A third wrote: “Couldn’t for the love of God find it after finding where it is on the comments I now can’t not see it. This is brilliant great Monday morning eye exercise.”

“Wow that was hard but worth finding that little snowball,” a fourth added.