Man shares brutal opinion on what your Christmas decorations really say about you

A man has divided opinions on TikTok after he shared what your Christmas decorations really say about you, from what stockings you have to how you dress your tree

Everyone has their own style when it comes to Christmas decorations.

Some people go colourful, while others go traditional.

But apparently, the decor that you decide on says “everything you need to know about a family,” according to a comedian.

Eric C’Alessandro shared his judgements with his 300,000 followers on TikTok in a video that has since gone viral with more than seven million views – and some people say they feel “personally attacked.”

He said: “The Christmas stockings a family has will tell you everything you need to know about them.

“This will be more accurate than any horoscope you’ll ever read.”

“First off, we have these,” he said as he pointed to stockings with glitter writing on them, calling them: “The gold standard of Christmas stockings, your family made these at home or you had them made at some Christmas fair when you were four-years old.”

“They’re not really the nicest to look at but you made them and your family cherishes sentimental value,” he said.

“Their tree is full of colourful ornaments they’ve collected over the years.

“This is a home full of love, everyone’s welcome.”

“Then you’ve got stockings like these,” he said pointing to white and beige stockings.

“If you walk into someone’s house and see these, turn around and walk out immediately.

“There’s no love in this home.

“This is a cold, uninviting performance of a home.

“Even Santa is like oh god is this the house with the cheetah stockings.

“This is the family that has two separate Christmas trees because their mum is a psychopath.

“Because nothing says love like throwing out the macaroni ornament your kid made at school because it ‘doesn’t fit with the theme of my tree’.”

He went on to say that this is the sort of family that gets six Playstation 5 consoles and Range Rovers for Christmas, and who has one tree for the kids and a clean, monochrome tree for the mum, because “she’s a psychopath” about her theme.

He continued: “All the kids want is a hug and for you to get off your phone,” before ending the video doing an impression of a mum: “Santa just called me he said we are gonna open up presents in the garage this year.”

Since being posted, the video has racked up almost 14,000 likes and comments from divided viewers, with some saying his observations were ‘accurate’ and others who felt ‘personally attacked.’

One person said: “Unpopular opinion I literally think the colourful random ornament trees look better anyways.”

Another wrote: “I feel personally attacked right now.”

“This is insanely accurate,” commented a third.

Someone else put: “My mum just switched out customised ones to the aesthetic ones after 25 years and I will never forgive her.”