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Best Water Filtration Systems

Reverse Osmosis System

Best Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis filters have revolutionized the market for domestic water purification, and they are becoming more and more popular among households, mainly thanks to the fact that they can eliminate up to 99% of impurities found in more

Water Filter Pitcher

Best Water Filter Pitchers

Water filter pitchers are one of the most popular ways to filter water at home. Thanks to the fact that they are cheap, mobile and accurate in operation they found a massive number of fans. Learn thedetails of their process now.. read more

Under Sink Water Filter System

Best Under Sink Water Filter System

Under sink water filtration systems are an excellent solution for someone who values excellent water quality without wasting it, as in the case of the reverse osmosis system. Modern technologies make the device better than ever.. read more

Whole House Water Filter System

Best Whole House Water Filters

The whole house water filtration system is the best solution for someone who wants to enjoy the highest quality water in the entire house while maintaining high water flow. Modern carbon filters are better than ever.. read more

Faucet Water Filtration System

Best Faucet Water Filters

The water that gets into our kitchen is often not what we would like it to be. The dishes we prepare, coffee and tea, may have a completely different taste when we use the right water filter faucet in our kitchen.. read more

Water Softener

Best Water Softeners

Many households face the problem of hard water. Due to the stone in the water, many of our equipment breaks down faster than it should, and the water has an unpleasant taste and appearance. The best solution to this problem is water softener.. read more

Water Cooler

Best Water Coolers

If you want to share fresh water with your family or friends at home and at work, choosing a water cooler is definitely the best choice. The models we present are an objective choice of the group of people who decided to take part in the more

Water Distiller

Best Water Distillers

The water that gets into our kitchen is often not what we would like it to be. The dishes we prepare, coffee and tea, may have a completely different taste when we use the right water filter faucet in our kitchen.. read more

Shower Filter

Best Shower Filters

Many households face the problem of hard water. Due to the stone in the water, many of our equipment breaks down faster than it should, and the water has an unpleasant taste and appearance. The best solution to this problem is water softener.. read more

Committed to Provide the Most Reliable Water Filtration Systems

Water is quite essential for any form of life on this planet. Every living creature needs water to stay alive, but contaminated water can also become a big threat. That’s why it is important to drink filtered water. All the living organisms do not get that facility but you can drink and use filtered water!

Drinking straight out of faucet can be dangerous to your health. Our immune system is not as robust as some other living creatures own. Therefore, dissolved chemicals and microorganisms can easily undermine your health and cause many health issues. It is not a wise decision to take such risks when you can drink clean and healthy water. 

Water Filter Faucet

Raw water contains fluorine compounds, chlorine, assorted hormones, Trihalomethanes (THMs), insecticides, and also dissolved drugs. All these impurities are enough to affect smooth functioning of your body. That internal damage can get worse if you keep drinking such unfiltered water. 

We at Shadowpak take this issue quite seriously. Water filtration systems and water purifiers are not as expensive as these appliances used to be a few decades ago. Many new models are emerging every year which promise to deliver clean and healthy water. Some of them obviously do not work as good as some others but you can still get rid of many kinds of water bound impurities. 

Tap water might look clean but it is a lot dirtier than it appears. Those, who think it is clean and healthy, continue drinking it until they experience waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, guinea worm disease, dysentery, etc. Your health will always be under threat if you do not quit drinking raw water now. You can apply some DIY techniques to get rid of some kinds of water contaminations, but using a water purifier and water filter is the best idea.

Why Should We Filter Water?

Use filtered water if you want to stay fit and healthy. Good health is essential for doing anything in the life. You cannot give your best until you are fit and active. Waterborne diseases can badly affect your life and slow down your growth in life. That’s why you should use only clean and filtered water.


Many people prefer bottled water instead of drinking tap water. What if we reveal that bottled water is also not good for your health? It might surprise most of you but that’s a bitter truth. It is virtually unregulated, costly, and many experts believe it can be as bad as unfiltered tap water. 

You should think about brewing your own! A variety of water filtration systems are available in the market, which you can use to produce clean water at home.

Although it is our government’s duty to supply clean water for drinking, they often fail to deliver what every human being needs. That’s why people get dirty and contaminated water through the supply lines. 

Dirty water from faucet

Contaminated water can cause both short-term and long-term health issues. Bacteria, pesticides, metals, in-organic compounds, and other water dissolved impurities always reduce water quality. Therefore, it is never a wise decision to use unfiltered raw water for drinking, cooking, and also for doing regular household chores. The following reasons reveal why we must filter water:

  • Filtered water always tastes better than raw water. Tap water also smells bad because it is stored in tanks which are not cleaned for a long time. It might embarrass you to serve bad smelling and tasting water to your guests. People will easily recognize it and they might even refuse to drink it. Water filtration system remove chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and bacterial contaminants from water. Therefore, it tastes and smells better. 

  • Raw water in many areas across the globe contains led which can cause severe damage to your body. You can use point-of-use water filters to remove it and get cleaner drinking water. 

  • Many people choose to drink bottled water instead of using a water filter system. As mentioned earlier, it is not safe and quite expensive. Invest your money in a countertop water filter because it is much less expensive and quite reliable when it comes to producing clean water. 

  • It might seem tough to get rid of dangerous water dissolved contaminants, but a carbon water filter can easily remove them. In addition, it also retains healthy mineral deposits to improve pH balance in drinking water. 

  • Studies reveal that water filters also reduce the chances of certain kinds of cancers, which are colon cancer, rectal cancer, and bladder cancer. Such diseases occur due dissolved chlorine and its byproducts. Water filtration system remove excess quantity of chlorine from water. 

  • You can also use a high-capacity water filtration systems to get clean water for cooking. Apply point-of-use water filter on kitchen taps to filter water before you use it for all the chores in your kitchen. 

It is not a secret that clean drinking water provides numerous health benefits and reduces your medical expenses. That’s why Shadowpak provides the best water filtration systems to help you in choosing the best water filter for your home.

If you want to know more details about water filtration visit this place.

Key benefits of using water filtration systems

The following benefits prove that every family needs a water filtration system:

  • You will be healthier:

A water filtration system essentially works to safeguard your body against waterborne disease. It helps you in maintaining a better health and that’s probably the biggest advantage of using a water filter. Your immune system gets a valuable boost as you start drinking purer water. A top quality filter can easily remove up to 99% chlorine from drinking water. Thus, it also helps in eliminating threats of cancer. 

  • No chemicals or toxins!

Raw water can contain many organic and inorganic compounds along with dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, and microorganisms. It is not safe to drink and that’s why you must filter it before you drink it. Some advanced water filters are designed to remove all types of water contaminants, but retain essential mineral deposit. It improves pH balance in drinking water. 

  • It is cheaper:

You might spend a lot of money every month only to drink clean water if you constantly purchase bottled water. Filtered water is cheaper than bottled water. You have to buy the water filter system only once and its filter can purify gallons of raw water. That’s why it is cheaper and healthier. 

  • Good for kids:

You must use filtered water if there are kids in your family. Clean drinking water will keep them away from diseases and healthy all the time. Experts also believe that filtered water is also beneficial for pregnant women. Drinking dirty water can affect the health and growth of unborn child. Therefore, only filtered water is suggested for pregnant women and little ones. 

The information available here will help you if you want to know more about how filtered water will affect your child.

  • Better taste and better smell:

Water filtration systems are designed to eliminate residual chemicals from raw water. These chemicals often make raw water taste and smell bad. Nobody would ever drink water if it doesn’t taste and smell good. Fortunately, affordable water filters can also remove chemicals from water to improve its taste and make it odor-free. 

Get a water filter if you want to drink clean water without damaging our environment. It is cheaper and easy to produce at home. Water filters don’t release any greenhouse gas or other byproducts which affect our environment. That’s why you can reduce your environmental-footprints and still get healthy drinking water at home, restaurant, office, or retail store.

Happy Family drinking clean water

Negative effects of drinking unfiltered water

There are many countries where additives like Fluoride, Chlorine, and Lead are mixed into supply water. These additives are used to improve quality of raw water and remove pathogens found in raw water. Although these chemicals and additives offer certain benefits their drawbacks are much severe for humans. 

Regular and excess intake of these additives along with other contaminants such as Arsenic, Radioactive elements, and toxic organic compounds can cause a variety of health issues. Chlorine and its byproducts can cause cancer and similarly other dissolved contaminants can cause many other health issues. 

Clean and Dirty Water

People living in urban areas get cleaner water than millions of people live in rural regions across the globe. Many people suffer from waterborne diseases because they do not get cleaner water to drink and cook their meals. You must feel lucky if you get clean looking water from your water taps. Be a little more cautious and install a water filtration system to ensure no contaminants will enter in your body. 

Statistics reveal 3.4 million people die every year only because of drinking dirty and unfiltered water. A water filter does not cost too much but lack of filtered water can cost too much! It can make your loved ones fall sick and increase your medical expenses. Contaminated water can also cause one of those deadly diseases due to which millions of people lose their lives every year. The risks of facing health concerns are always there, but it is in your hands to prevent those health issues. Eat healthy food, maintain hygiene, and drink filtered water to stay healthy.

What Type Of Water Filtration System Should We Choose For Our Household?

The demands for water filters are increasing with every passing year. People do not want to suffer from waterborne disease and that’s why they are looking for the best water filter. 

It would be easier for you to pick the best water filtration system if you know which type of water filtration system is the best for your home

  • Reverse Osmosis:

This kind of water filters are considered quite reliable for eliminating a high percentage of toxins such as hexavalent chromium, fluoride, arsenic, copper, nitrates and nitrites, salt, radium, and many others. The RO water filters are also considered best for removal of waterborne bacteria, which cause a variety of diseases. 

Each RO water filter is equipped with the reverse osmosis membrane through which water passes for filtration. All the waterborne contaminants will be filtered and placed on one side of film and fresh water will be passed towards the other side. People choose this type of water filter because it removes dangerous chemicals quite easily. 

Although the RO water filter is quite effective when it comes to removing contaminants from raw water, it is also infamous for wasting an excessive quantity of water. Some experts also believe that it can remove essential minerals from water. Therefore, you should consider these facts before you make a decision.  

  • Whole House water filter system:

This type of water filter is attached at a point from where raw water enters in a house. It means this filter system will start filtering raw water before it enters your home. Thus, you will get fresh and clean water in each faucet of your house. 

A whole house water filtration system can comprise carbon filters, water softeners, UV water purifiers, etc. It is perfect for your home if you do not want to use hard water for taking a shower, cleaning dishes, clothes, and also for drinking. Prefer it if you do not want to get contaminated water in any faucet of your home. 

  • Under sink:

An Under Sink or Under Counter water filter is installed under the sink. It is also considered the most effective water purifier if you want to get a constant supply of clean water in your kitchen. It remains hidden under the sink and you can get clean water directly from water taps instead of using the water filtration system.  

You should choose an under sink water filter if you are planning to install modular kitchen or renovating that old kitchen in your house. Consider it a one-time investment for the lifetime supply of clean and healthy water. 

  • Water softener:

Hard water is not good for household chores and also for drinking. Unfortunately, many people use it because they do not have any way of softening it. A water softener is a kind of water filter which softens hard water. A water softener removes calcium, magnesium, and other kinds of metals from raw water to soften it. Thus, you get soft water to clean dishes, clothes, and for drinking. It takes minimum efforts and less soap to while washing clothes, when you are using soft water. In addition, soft water is also good for your home’s plumbing system. 

  • UV Filter:

Consider a UV Filter if you are looking for an environment-friendly water filtering solution. This filter uses various frequencies of the UV light to remove water contaminants. This filter system can easily remove bacteria and other waterborne microorganisms to provide fresh water for drinking. It works much better when combined with the carbon filter. 

  • Pitcher:

When you cannot spend a lot of money and still want to produce clean water for drinking, consider buying a pitcher. It uses an activated carbon filter cartridge to get rid of water contaminants and produce clean water for drinking. Many homes and offices are equipped with this kind of water filters because it is cheap and quite effective.

water filtration system

The Basics of Common Water Filter Technologies

You see a variety of ads promoting different types of water purifiers on TV and online. Different brands rely on different water filtration techniques to produce clean and healthy water. 

Let’s find out which are the most commonly used water filtration technologies:

  • Activated Carbon:

Activated carbon filters are widely chosen filters for purifying drinking water. It is considered the most effective filter when it comes to removing organic compounds from water. This water filtration system also removes chemicals such as chlorine quickly from water. That’s why it is a widely preferred option for producing clean drinking water. This water filtering technology is reliable because it prevents chlorine from reacting with other chemicals and producing trihalomethanes, which can be dangerous to your health. The activated carbon filters are also used in large factories where clean and chemical-free water is needed for producing products. 

This water filtration technology involves filtering water contamination by using a bed of activated carbon. It effectively removes chlorine, fluoride, along with other chemicals and metals to produce clean water. It improves water taste and eliminates odor. Although this water filtration technique is quite effective, it becomes more effective when combined with UV water filtration method. You can find many water purifiers which use both Activated Carbon beds and the UV technology to filter water. 

  • Distillation:

Water distillation is another quick, affordable, and effective way of filtering raw water. Anyone can produce distilled water if he has a condenser and a heat source. However, it can get a little expensive that’s why some water purifiers come with inbuilt water distillation system. 

While waterborne contaminants take time to boil, water’s lower boiling point allows it to turn into vapor quickly. There are three types of distillers used for different purposes, which are household, commercial, and plumbing distillers. This technique is quite reliable if you want to use boiled water because it will eliminate microorganisms and other common water contaminants quickly.  

  • Reverse Osmosis:

Reverse Osmosis or RO is one of the most trusted water purification techniques. Millions of people across the globe are using RO water purifiers. This filter relies on reverse osmosis membrane to filter waterborne chemicals, metals, and microorganisms. Many new models of water filters are coming with RO+UV technology to provide users with cleaner and much healthier water for drinking and cooking. However, some people are against this water filtration technique because it wastes a lot of water while producing clean water. Consider an RO water purifier if you have no issue with wasting contaminated water. 

  • Water softening:

Hard water is neither good for drinking nor for regular household use. The supply line water contains many chemicals, metals, and other contaminants which turn it into hard water. Water softening technique is used to get rid of those water contaminants and produce soft water. Different water filters use different water softening methods. Ion-exchange resin, chelating agents, lime softening, reverse osmosis, and distillation are some popular water softening methods. Essentially, all the water purification techniques turn hard water into soft water. Therefore, you can rely on any other method to get clean and soft water. 

  • UV Purification:

The method is also known as e-boiling method. The ultra-violet light is used in this technique to kill many kinds of microbes, germs, and bacteria. This method is considered the most reliable way of killing and eliminating up to 99% waterborne microorganisms which cause waterborne diseases, such as diarrhea, typhoid, etc. It works much better when combined with activated carbon or RO technology to produce clean water with improved taste and no odor. 

  • Ion-Exchange resin method:

The Ion-exchange method is quite unique and quite effective when it comes to removing calcium, magnesium, and other water dissolved compounds from water. Hardness ions, which include Ca and Mg are exchanged for softer ions by using an Ion-exchange device to soften and purify raw water.

How to check our water pollution?

It is a common misconception that clear looking water is clean and drinkable. In reality, it can be as dangerous as muddy water you often see in a pond. You should not take risk of drinking and using raw water because it may contain many microorganisms, chemicals, metals, and other kinds of contaminants.

Contaminated water will always taste and smell bad. Your hands will feel slimy when you will use polluted water to clean them with soap. It is never safe to use raw water and that’s why health experts always suggest to drink and use filtered or purified water.

if you want to know the answers to the most frequently asked questions about water pollutian you will find them here.

Water Test Kit

Final thoughts

We cannot live without water. It is readily available and it is quite essential for maintaining good health. However, water can also be the biggest reason behind short-term health issues and major diseases. That’s why you should never take risk with what you are drinking and using to cook your meals. Get a top-quality water filter system and install it in your house. There are both cheap and expensive options in water purifiers and you already know which type of water filteration system will be the best for your house, shop, or office. So, get it now and use it daily to drink clean and stay healthy!